Master Medicine: Physiology, 3rd Edition

Master medicine physiologyBy

  • J. Graham McGeown, BSc, MB, BChB, AO, PhD, Reader in Physiology, School of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen’s University, Belfast, UK

Master Medicine: Physiology is brief and accessible, approached from the point of view of what you will need to know in order to understand the clinical work you will eventually be doing. It includes a wide range of self-assessment material, ideal for testing your understanding, and helping you to prepare for your exams.

Key Features

  • Concise synoptic (not telegraphic text).
  • Appropriate self-assessment material.
  • Only covers core, so student knows the whole book is essential.
  • Includes key objectives.
  • Contains simple and memorable diagrams for reproduction in exams.
  • Ideal for learning as well as examination review, specifically trying to stimulate the student into assessing his/her own knowledge.
  • The books in the series both complement other available major texts, but also contain enough material to stand in the own right.
  • Provides examination practice.
  • Part of co-ordinated series.


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3 Responses

  1. some books..spanish
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    - Obstetricia y Ginecologia de Danforth, Ronald S Gibbs; 10 ed 2009
    - Colposcopia. Principios y práctica, Apgar, Barbara S; 2d ed 2010
    - Cirugía de la incontinencia urinaria y del prolapso, Cosson, Michael; 1er ed 2010
    - Conducta fetal – Estudio ecográfico de la neurología fetal; Carrera, José María; 1er ed 2008
    - Ecografía en obstetricia y ginecología; Callen, P.W.; 5ta ed

  2. - Farreras-Rozman, Medicina Interna , 17ª ed.© 2012
    - •SABISTON. Tratado de Cirugía, 18a ed. 2009
    - Mandell, Douglas y Bennett. Enfermedades infecciosas. Infecciones en pacientes quirúrgicos, Mandell, G.L.. 7ª ed.© 2012
    - Braunwald. Tratado de cardiología, Bonow, R.O.. 9ª ed.© 2012
    - CECIL. Tratado de Medicina Interna, 2 vols. + Expert Consult Premium , Goldman, L. 23ª ed.© 2009 R 2011

  3. - Fisiología, Costanzo, L.S., 4ª ed.© 2011 R 2012 elsevier

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