PROP – Pharmaceutical Calculations

PROP - Pharmaceutical Calculations Custom

Robert M. Fulcher
BS Chem, BSPh, RPh
CVS Pharmacy
Waynesboro, Georgia
Eugenia M. Fulcher
BSN, MEd, EdD, RN,
Allied Health Instructor

1 Assessment of Mathematical Calculation Skills Needed for Pharmacy
Technicians, 1
2 Review of Basic Mathematical Skills, 11
3 Conversion of Clinical Measurements of Numbers, Time, and Temperature, 75
4 Comparisons of Measurement Systems, 93
5 Interpretation of Medication Labels and Orders, 121
6 Calculation of Solid Oral Doses and Dosages, 168
7 Calculate Doses of Oral and Parenteral Liquid Medications, 209
8 Reconstitution of Powders or Crystals into Liquid Medications, 268
9 Calculation of Medications Measured in Units, Milliequivalents, and Percentages
of Concentration, 304
10 Calculation of Mixtures from Stock Medications, 381
11 Calculation of Medications for Special Populations Based on Body Weight and
Patient Age, 421
12 Calculation of Medications Used Intravenously, 475
13 Business Math for Pharmacy Technicians, 529


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