A Short Textbook of Medical Pharmacology

by Salam Md Abdus9789351520078
This Short Textbook of Medical Pharmacology provides clear concept to MBBS and postgraduate medical students to prepare for the examinations and strengthen their basic knowledge. Each chapter is further divided in to multiple sections to elaborately explain the topic. Beginning from the definition of pharmacology, the students are made familiar with different terms used in this field, and their definition. Chapter 1 gives introduction to what a drug is, different forms of drugs, how it acts on the body, how body reacts to the drug, different barriers involved in its translocation in to the body, mode of administration, assimilation, excretion, mechanism of action and kinetic parameters including half-life of the drug are well explained. Subsequently, further, broad therapeutic area, drugs used to rectify it, their mechanism of action is discussed in detail with flow charts and diagrams wherever required. New area like chemotherapy is also touched upon. In the end short answer questions are given so that if students are able to answer them, then they have understood the topic very well. The final chapter includes the concept of essential drugs, how to prescribe a drug and aspects associated with it.

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