Handbook of Pharmaceutical Technology

by Kushwaha Poonam9789351527749
The Handbook of Pharmaceutical Technology discusses about pharmaceutical technology that involves the rational design and manufacture of dosage forms to ensure that the required biological and physical performances of the therapeutic agent are attained. The formulation scientist is, therefore, expected to have knowledge of several scientific disciplines, including physical pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical chemistry, and biopharmaceutics. Pharmaceutical importance and techniques of microencapsulation, formulation of solid-dosage forms with particular emphasis on the excipients and methods, approaches used for designing novel drug delivery systems, and purpose and control of pharmaceutical packaging materials are some of the highlighted topics that have been briefly discussed. Essential information includes the formulation of the dosage forms in a format that will surely aid the understanding and, hence, remove the complexities of the various topics which students normally face. In addition to the required theoretical aspects, each chapter contains information regarding the various types of excipients that are used commonly in the formulation of dosage forms.

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