Simplified and Illustrated Breast Pathology: A Book for All Breast Care Providers

by Bhargava Rohit
This book meets the needs of b9789351527787oth pathologists and non-pathologists in case of breast cancer. It is not unusual for clinicians to receive complex breast pathology reports that require clarification from a pathologist, and sometimes pathologists are uncertain about the rationale underlying requests they receive from clinicians. Thus this book helps to bridge that communication divide. It explains breast tissue histopathology in simple language and uses the very helpful feature of annotated figures to explain standard pathology terminology. Further it addresses standardized formats for reporting and provides reasons for performing or not performing a particular test or procedure. This information is immensely helpful to all clinicians, including budding breast surgeons and medical and radiation oncologists. Many researchers will also find this text to be a comprehensive resource as they try to place their basic science findings into a clinically relevant context. And of course, general pathologists and pathology trainees will get a unique perspective of breast pathology from an outstanding breast pathologist.


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