Manual of Practical Physiology and MCQs Book

by Pramanik Debasis9789352500161
Physiology is a fascinating subject. It gives us a glimpse into the intricate bodily functions and the complex mechanisms involved. Continuous research is going on to find a solution to the fundamental queries boggling the inquisitive minds. A novel feature of this edition is introduction of colored boxes in the text. The tit-bits of physiology have been presented in cyan-colored boxes while some advanced topics have been described in skin-colored boxes. Another interesting feature of this book is inclusion of a number of additional flow charts and tables which should be helpful to the students in understanding the difficult physiological concepts. This book is divided into three sections; the first section is “Practical”, second section is “Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)” and the last section is “Answers of MCQs and Hints”. First section discuss on the practical’s of human physiology, hematology, amphibian physiology and instruments. Measurement of blood pressure by sphygmomanometry, effect of exercise on BP, heart sounds, examination of the respiratory system and cranial nerves, hematological experiments, collection of capillary blood by finger-pricking, blood film, instrumentation required for performing the experiment related to the amphibian physiology, physiological and pathological conditions influencing BMR, Dale’s bath experiment and spirometer with recording drum. Second section consists of long questions, short notes type questions and MCQs based on MD Entrance Examination questions but they may not be the exact replica of such questions. The last section provides answers of the MCQs of second section.


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