Laboratory Biosecurity: Balancing Risks, Threats & Progress

by Rashid Najat, Sood Ramnik9789351525943
The book Laboratory Biosecurity: Balancing Risks, Threats and Progress essentially covers all aspects of laboratory biosecurity and guides in a step-by-step manner how to achieve perfect biosecurity in terms of equipment, attires, and security (information and physical). The book commences by giving a short introduction to laboratory biosecurity, discusses various risk groups and outlines the four biosafety levels. All related biosecurity codes are provided along with related practical aspects. Besides these, the book encompasses chapters on practical and technical aspects of laboratory biosecurity, personnel accountability, material inventory control, transportation security, staff training and evaluation, emergency response, and laboratory equipments and attire. The book is a very small but powerful tool to make this world a safer and secure place biologically and useful for all healthcare facilities especially the laboratories.


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