Review of Preventive & Social Medicine (Including Biostatistics)

by Jain Vivek9789351527305
The book titled Review of Preventive and Social Medicine (Including Biostatistics) is divided into three sections. Section one is on annexures, section two discusses topic-wise theory along with MCQs and their explanations and section three is on image based questions. Section two contains sixteen chapters. Chapter one explains history of medicine as well as different systems of medicine. Second chapter briefs about the different concepts of health and diseases. Chapter three covers epidemiology and vaccines. Fourth chapter elucidates about the screening of diseases. Screening test is used for searching unrecognized diseases or defect, in apparently healthy individuals, by means of rapidly applied tests, examinations or other procedures. Communicable and non-communicable diseases are discussed in fifth chapter. National health programmes, policies and legislations in India and demography, family planning and contraception are explained in sixth and seventh chapters. Preventive obstetrics, paediatrics and geriatrics are covered in chapter eight. From chapter ninth to eleventh, nutrition, social sciences and environment relating with health are discussed. From twelfth to fifteenth chapter, biomedical waste management, disaster management, occupational health, genetics and health, mental health, health education and communication, health care in India, health planning and management, international health are discussed in detail. This book also discusses biostatistics in sixteenth chapter. In second section, at the end of each chapter, questions along with answers and explanations related to that particular chapter are discussed.


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