Textbook of Anatomy for Nurses (for BSc Students)

by Ashalatha PR9789351525868
The book “Textbook of ANATOMY for Nurses” covers almost all the aspects of anatomical facts and concepts necessary to understand the whole structure of the human body. As per the syllabi, the book is divided into three sections general anatomy, musculoskeletal system and the organ systems. Section 1 describes on anatomical terms, various primary tissues and brief information about skin and its appendages. Section 2 compiles information about osteology, muscular system and joints. The detail information about different organs such as cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, urinary, reproductive, nervous and endocrine system are described in section 3. Cardiovascular system, digestive system and nervous system have been elaborated in this book with extensive information and illustrations. It also summarizes on the importance of the sense organ is it makes us to see, hear, smell, taste and feel things. This book also offers perspective knowledge on medical genetics, which concerned with chromosomal disorders, diagnosis of genetic disorders and applications of HGP. Applied anatomy has been included in the specified chapters to create an interest for the students in the diseases and other applied aspects associated with various organs and organ systems.


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