Practical Clinical Biochemistry

Author: Mohanty Shruti, Verma Aparna

This book Practical Clinical Biochemistry is not only a practical book but also bridges the gap between basic science and clinical application. The undergraduates shall perform the tests and know the essence of doing so by understanding the principle behind the test and also its relevance in medical science. This book has many illustrations going by the adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” to make the subject easy to understand and therefore retain longer. The summary tables are like the ready reckoner, recapping all the important test findings and implications, thereby rendering a student friendly approach. A note on “point of care testing” (POCT) and “analytical errors” has been included to emphasize the role of simple bedside investigations and the importance of excluding/rejecting samples liable for giving erroneous results respectively. Techniques like electrophoresis and chromatography are the commonly applied procedures for diagnosis of various common liver and renal disorders, paraproteinemias, etc. by the former and detection of aminoacidurias by the latter.


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