Atlas of Forensic Pathology

Author: Kumar Shetty B Suresh, Rastogi Prateek, Padubidri Jagadish Rao, Kanchan Tanuj, Babu YP Raghavendra

Forensic Pathology is one of the major portions of broad specialty of Forensic Medicine comprising mainly of traumatology and thanatology. This book has been designed to incorporate a wide range of pictures from topics such as postmortem changes, mechanical injuries, firearm injuries, thermal injuries, regional injuries, mechanical asphyxia, electrical injuries and transportation injuries. Thanatology is a study of death and is concerned with the notion of death as the branch of science that deals with death in all its aspects. Mechanical injuries mean damage to any part of the body due to application of mechanical force. Thermal injuries are caused by exposure to excessive heat/cold and death in case of fatal burns may be immediate or delayed. Electrical injuries are caused due to the contact of human body with electric current. Mechanical asphyxia results from any mechanical impediment to the airways or restriction of thoracoabdominal movements. The appearance of injuries due to firearms depends on the type of nature of ammunition, weapon used and the range of firing. Transportation injuries are of 3 types such as road traffic accidents, railway mishaps and aircraft mishaps. The time of death can be predicted by knowing the type of injury, temperature of body and the analysing body characteristics such as forensic entomology. This book discusses the different changes seen after death with images for proper analysis.


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