Atlas of Human Anatomy, 16th Edition


‘W e are gla d tha t the demand for the 15t h edition of Spalteholz’ s Handatlas und Lehrbuch der Anatomie des Menschen has been suc h tha t a ne w edition i s already
required . Th e present 16t h editio n show s some essentia l changes. To meet the students’ requirement s another printing process has been chosen after prolonge d trial, giving better reproductio n of the materia l at lowe r cost. Th e numbe r of illustrations has bee n increased , the majorit y bein g colored an d the colorin g generally being more
unifor m tha n i n the 15 t h edition . A numbe r of illustration s hav e bee n replace d b y ne w one s o f highe r quality , thu s easin g the student’ s task. They are all accompanie d
b y brief caption s indicating their main features an d usin g English terms .


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