Pharmacological Classification of Drugs with Doses and Preparations

Author: Tripathi KD

This small book embodies a series of drug classifications along with essential prescribing information, such as doses (including paediatric doses wherever relevant), frequency and route(s) of administration as well as a limited number of leading brand names for each available drug. Drug classifications are highly valuable for pharmacology students as well as for prescribing doctors, because each drug is recognized by the class/subclass to which it belongs, e.g. labelling atenolol as a cardioselective beta-adrenergic blocker summarizes its actions, uses, etc. Classifications devised in this book are based on a variety of criteria, such as primary action, mechanism of action, chemical nature and clinical use, etc. depending on what is relevant/therapeutically meaningful for a particular class of drugs. The classifications are presented in the form of eye-catching charts which create pictorial images and help memorizing. All classifications have been meticulously updated to include newer drugs/classes of drugs.


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