Easy and Interesting Approach to Human Neuroanatomy (Clinically Oriented)

Author: Deb Samar

The author of this book is an excellent teacher in Anatomy with his long teaching experience for more than 40 years and special interest for teaching in the field of neuroanatomy. He has established himself as a popular and successful teacher for his very special style of teaching. The similar style of presentation has been reflected in this book. Human neuroanatomy deals with the study of anatomy of human nervous system. Nervous system is considered as ‘master system’ of the body which regulates the functions of other systems. That is why this branch of anatomy is not only important simply because of being a component of course curriculum, but it has go an immense clinical importance throughout the period of one’s whole professional life. But it is usually observed that neuroanatomy is the field of anatomy which apparently seems to be difficult to follow. In many places, many times, the students usually ignore or avoid this area of subject. Very often they are found to be scared of. This book, ‘Easy and inte


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