Dissection of the Human Body: Designed for Restructured Medical Curriculum

Author: Krishnamurti A, Gunasegaran JP

This book, Dissection of the Human Body, deals with surgery. At present, the medical curriculum provides only 650 hours for the teaching of anatomy within the first 2 terms of the first-year of the MBBS course. Hence, this dissection manual is written in such a way that the dissection of the human body can be completed in a duration of 32 weeks, keeping in mind the singular need to equip the medical student with clear anatomical concepts rather than getting lost in the intricacies of anatomical details; and also, to ensure that each student, regardless of the institution attended, will gain fundamental level of competence required for the practice of medical profession. The book is a modified version of the dissection manual entitled A New Approach to Dissection of the Human Body by R Kanagasuntheram, A Krishnamurti and P Sivanandha Singham published in 1977 by Singapore University Press. The book commences with a brief account of the tissues met with during dissection. This is followed by sections containing


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