Color Atlas of Tissue Response to Biomaterials

Author: Mohanty Mira, Sabareeswaran A, Baby Sulekha, Sebastian Joseph, Diana Caroline S

This book Color Atlas of Tissue Response to Biomaterials is a collection of gross features and photomicrographs of events taking place at the material tissue interface. The book brings to the reader first hand details regarding the sequence of events that occur in different tissues following implantation of different types of material. The book informs the young researchers briefly how to identify different cells in the tissues and how to assess responses elicited by polymers, metals, ceramics and composites in tissues, such as skeletal muscle, bone, tooth and cardiovascular tissues, essentially assessment of biocompatibility of a material. It also describes the common procedures used in the laboratory for preparation of tissues for microscopy. The atlas would be useful to students and investigators in biomaterial sciences and veterinary sciences, toxicologists, engineers and pathologists.


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