A Short Textbook of Pathology

Author: Sajal Md Tahminur Rahman, Charu Hosne Ara Tahmin, Sajani Tabassum Tahmin, Sarnali Tanjila Tahmin

Pathology is the bridge between clinical and preclinical Medicine. It deals with etiology, pathogenesis, complications and management plan of a disease. It is very essential on part of every medical student, doctors, paramedics, Nurse and allied health professionals to clearly understand pathology. The available textbooks on pathology are voluminous, elaborated due to addition of recent advancement in different branches of Pathology to the preexisting knowledge. A short textbook or handbook is essential for ready made reference in any topic on pathology. So, in addition to reference textbooks on pathology this book was written on short compilation of different chapter in general pathology, systemic pathology, hematology, clinical pathology, commonly performed biochemical tests with their interpretation, automation in laboratory, molecular techniques like IHC, PCR, flow cytometry, tissue processing, staining procedure, etc. Also, practical note book and questions on pathology of Dhaka University is added for refreshment and knowledge test in pathology. Overall the book will meet the criteria of readymade reference and handbook in pathology.


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