Essential Clinical Anatomy, 5th Edition

MOORE Essential Clinical Anatomy 5By

  • Keith L Moore MSc PhD FIAC FRSM FAAA
  • Anne M Agur BSc (OT), MSc, PhD, Professor, Division of Anatomy, Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Physical Therapy, Department of Occupational Therapy, Division of Biomedical Communications, Institute of Medical Science, Graduate Department of Rehabi
  • Arthur F Dalley PhD, Professor, Department of Cell & Developmental BiologyAdjunct Professor, Department of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitat

Essential Clinical Anatomy, Fifth Edition presents core anatomical concepts in a concise, student-friendly format. The text includes the hallmark blue Clinical Boxes, as well as surface anatomy and medical imaging features. It is an ideal text for shorter medical courses and health professions courses with a condensed coverage of anatomy.

Essential Clinical Anatomy, like the authors’ more comprehensive text, Clinically Oriented Anatomy, receives global acclaim for the relevance of its clinical correlations. The book emphasizes anatomy that is important in physical diagnosis for primary care, interpretation of diagnostic imaging, and understanding the anatomical basis of emergency medicine and general surgery.

The 5th Edition features:

  •  A NEW AND IMPROVED ART PROGRAM: Illustrations have been redrawn in a modern, updated style that enhances student understanding of key concepts
  • CLINICAL BOXES: Renowned “blue boxes” highlight information on pathology, anatomical variation, trauma, the life cycle, surgical procedures, and diagnostic procedures
  • SURFACE ANATOMY AND MEDICAL IMAGING: Chapters include surface anatomy and imaging sections to enhance clinical and diagnostic knowledge
  • INTERACTIVE REVIEW QUESTIONS: Prepare for board and class exams with online review questions at


  • NEW-AND-IMPROVED ART PROGRAM: Illustrations have been redrawn and updated for consistency in style and color, as well as anatomical accuracy
  • ENHANCED STUDENT SUPPORT. Package Moore’s Clinical Anatomy Review, Powered by PrepU, with the text for a powerful learning and assessment resource. This adaptive quizzing platform allows you to track student performance and remediate to areas of learner challenge or misconception.
  • NEW-AND-IMPROVED ART PROGRAM. Help your students understand key concepts with nearly 400 color diagrams, many accompanied by x-ray, ultrasound, and MRI images that show the arteries, nerves, veins, muscles, and bones of human anatomy. All illustrations have been redrawn and updated for consistency in style and color as well as anatomical accuracy.
  • CLINICAL BLUE BOXES. Help your students understand the practical value of anatomy with acclaimed blue Clinical Boxes supported by photos and illustrations. Each clinical correlation is classified by the type of clinical information it contains: Anatomical Variation, Trauma, Surgical Procedure, Diagnostic Procedure, Life Cycle, and Pathology.
  • ILLUSTRATED TABLES. Clarify key points with illustrated tables that organize complex information about veins, arteries, nerves, and other structures.
  • INTRODUCTION CHAPTER. Set the stage for student success with the book’s introductory chapter that covers important systemic information and concepts basic to the understanding of the anatomy to be presented in the subsequent regional chapters.
  • EXTENSIVE COVERAGE OF MEDICAL AND DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING. Prepare your students for practice with coverage that reflects the increasing importance of medical and diagnostic imaging in diagnosis and treatment.
  • SURFACE ANATOMY PHOTOS. Help your students understand anatomy’s relationship to physical examination and diagnosis with surface anatomy photos.
  • Online CASE STUDIES AND BOARD REVIEW-STYLE QUESTIONS. Help your students prepare for course and licensing exams with interactive, convenient, and comprehensive self-testing and review.
  • TERMINOLOGY. Prepare your students for practice with terminology that fully adheres to the most current Terminologia Anatomica approved by the Federative International Committee on Anatomical Terminology.


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