Paramedics 6-in-1 Handbook

Paramedics 6-in-1 HandbookBy

  • Mogli GD

The Handbook Paramedics 6-in-1 is of immense value to all medical, nursing, paramedical staff, medical students, and other allied healthcare professionals. A cookbook with latest methods and techniques for medical and allied health professionals besides other professionals who deal with medical and healthcare issues. A readymade ingredient for solving professional’s problems related to patient care effectively, efficiently, swiftly, safely, improved quality with cost-contained outcome. It covers all important topics as a one entity for easy assimilation for busy staff/students/learners. No book of similar nature is available globally, which is dealt with exact need of user and made much more user-friendly. It includes every topic in the handbook which is very special and hardly any competitor to compare with.


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