Medical Language for Modern Health Care, 3rd Edition

Medical Language for modern health care 3By

  • David Allan
  • Karen Lockyer

Medical Language for Modern Health Care, third Edition, is the ticket to success in mastering medical terminology. The third edition introduces medical terms within a health care environment with authentic scenarios. Chapters are broken into lessons that present and define terminology through the context of anatomy and physiology, pathology, as well as clinical and diagnostic procedures. The revision also provides newly added chapters covering Geriatrics, Oncology, Radiology, and Pharmacology. Now available with Connect Plus+ and LearnSmart, the adaptive technology creates specific learning plans for each student adjusting alongside their progress. Connect Plus+ helps medical terminology come to life through animations, audio files, and multiple opportunities for practice. Established in increasing student engagement, retention, and overall success, McGraw-Hill’s LearnSmart for Medical Terminology is sure to get the conversation flowing!


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