Exercise Physiology: Nutrition, Energy, and Human Performance, 7th Edition

Exercise physiology 7By

  • William D McArdle BS, M.Ed, PhD Professor Emeritus, Department of Family, Nutrition, and Exercise Science, Queens College of the City University of New York, Flushing, NY
  • Frank I Katch Retired Professor of Exercise Science, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA
  • Victor L Katch Professor, Department of Movement Science, Division of Kinesiology, Associate Professor, Pediatrics, School of Medicine, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Since publication of its First Edition in 1981, Exercise Physiology has helped more than 350,000 students build a solid foundation of the scientific principles underlying modern exercise physiology. This Seventh Edition has been thoroughly updated with all the most recent findings, guiding you to the latest understanding of nutrition, energy transfer, and exercise training and their relationship to human performance.

This Seventh Edition maintains its popular seven-section structure. It begins with an exploration of the origins of exercise physiology and concludes with an examination of the most recent efforts to apply principles of molecular biology. The book provides excellent coverage of exercise physiology, uniting the topics of energy expenditure and capacity, molecular biology, physical conditioning, sports nutrition, body composition, weight control, and more.

Every chapter has been fully revised and updated to reflect the latest information in the field. The updated full-color art program adds visual appeal and improves understanding of key topics.

A companion website includes over 30 animations of key exercise physiology concepts; the full text online; a quiz bank; references; appendices; information about microscope technologies; a timeline of notable events in genetics; a list of Nobel Prizes in research related to cell and molecular biology; the scientific contributions of thirteen outstanding female scientists; an image bank; a Brownstone test generator; PowerPoint® lecture outlines; and image-only PowerPoint® slides.

Key Features:

  • NEW! More than 30 animations of key exercise physiology concepts selected by reviewers. Animations can be found on the companion website.
  • NEW: Updated content, including:
    • Expanded discussion of the efficacy and health benefits of routinely consuming vitamin and mineral supplements
    • Latest information regarding the energy yield from the catabolism of the different macronutrients
    • Latest information about brown adipose tissue in humans, and its role in metabolism and link to health and disease
    • Updated section on coronary heart disease
  • Updated and enhanced full-color art program adds visual appeal and improves understanding of key topics
  • “Focus on Research” boxes offer synopses of published experiments and studies from respected scholars so students can relate to the real world
  • “In a Practical Sense” boxes take theoretical concepts learned in the chapter and apply them to practical skills
  • “Integrative Questions” interspersed throughout the chapters provide open-ended questions that encourage students to consider complex concepts
  • Chapter Summaries ensure students have mastered the material presented in each chapter
  • Interviews with contemporary scientists inspire students to realize their potential
  • Helpful appendices found on the companion websites that include the latest nutritional information on the composition of specialty and fast foods, coverage of the Metric System and Conversion Constants, energy expenditure information, and more.


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