Handbook of Diagnostic Tests, 3rd Edition

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Handbook of Diagnostic Tests is the third edition of a two-part reference that provides coverage of nearly all major diagnostic procedures and laboratory tests. Part I is an alphabetical listing of over 450 disorders with their key test results. Part II groups 16 chapters of lab tests and diagnostic procedures by type. Test entries in Part II include description, purpose, procedure steps, normal test results and reference values, and disorders indicated by abnormal test results. Part II also includes patient preparation, posttest care, precautions, and interfering factors. Thirty diagnostic tests are new in this edition and all existing tests have been updated. Appendices include normal and abnormal serum drug levels for substance abuse screening and therapeutic monitoring and an illustrated guide to patient self-testing.

Key Features

  • Two-part organization:
    • Part I: Alphabetical listing of more than 500 disorders with their key test results
    • Part II: 16 chapters of laboratory tests and diagnostic procedures grouped by type, such as blood and urine tests, cultures, biopsies, endoscopies, imaging tests, and monitoring and catheterization
  • Clear, standard, chronological format for test entries in Part II:
    • Description
    • Purpose
    • Patient preparation
    • Procedure steps and posttest care
    • Precautions
    • Normal findings/Reference values
    • Abnormal findings and the disorders they confirm or suggest
    • Interfering factors and their effects on the test
  • Clinical alert icon for important clinical points concerning test administration, special posttest considerations, and results requiring immediate action
  • Appendices: 1. Normal laboratory values; 2. Normal and abnormal serum drug levels; 3. Illustrated guide to patient self-testing at home


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