Pharmaceutical Calculations, 14th Edition

Pharmaceutical calculations 14By

  • Howard C Ansel PhD Professor and Dean Emeritus, College of Pharmacy, The University of Georgia, Athens, GA

Widely recognized as the leading calculations textbook, Ansel’s Pharmaceutical Calculations is the most trusted resource for calculations support.  Time-tested after thirteen editions, it is the most comprehensive and in-depth treatment of pharmacy calculations available.

The book takes a step-by-step approach to calculations, making it easy for students to work through the problems and gain greater understanding of the underlying concepts.  Its focus is on the fundamental principles and basic techniques involved in the application of the calculations needed for successful pharmacy practice.

Each chapter follows an effective format for working through calculations:
1.       Didactic narrative provides critical chapter content
2.       Illustrations introduced where necessary
3.       Sample problems with solutions are provided
4.       Calculations Capsule –  Review and summary of critical formulas or math
5.       Case in point – Clinical reference or case
6.       Practice problems
7.       Answers to practice problems

Key Features

  • Sample problems with accompanying solutions guide students through the calculations.
  • Calculations Capsule boxes provide summaries of critical formulas or significant calculations in the chapter.
  • Case in Point boxes present case studies that apply pharmaceutical calculations to everyday scenarios.
  • Additional practice problems at the end of the text and a 300-question quiz bank online allow for review and strengthening of problem-solving skills.


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